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How To Order and Payment Options

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Additional Options

Ordering from can be done from our website by selecting the desired fly pattern category located on the bottom of each page.

Once you get to the desired category, select the hook size preferred and you will be taken to the cart. At the cart you can then enter the number of dozens required.

There is also a provision to add any additional or special instructions you would like taken into consideration before proceeding to payments. Special instructions can include anything from making the flies with your preferred color to tying on hook sizes not listed on the website. You may paste your order here also.

You can also e-mail your own typed/scanned or written order to us and still make use of our online checkout payment system.

You can also amend the order provided the flies you need to be changed or replaced are not yet tied and are priced or totaling the already made payment. We cannot deduct or subtract an already placed order but we do accept any additional flies placed before shipping.

PayPal Payments:

Please take special note that for PayPal payments, your order should be worth US$ 200.00 or more to fall under shipping by courier for online tracking purposes as proof of order shipped.

If you order below that amount, we'll still do the order but your order will be marked "shipped" as orders shipped by registered mail cannot be tracked online to most destinations.

For PayPal payments, please order as usual but at checkout, instead of selecting "Secure card payment" select "PayPal Invoicing". Your order will be immediately updated on our database and from there we'll send you an invoice with PayPal checkout as an option.

Please do not make direct PayPal payments to our email address as we use merchant services to process all credit card and PayPal payments.

We'll email you the PayPal or credit card link with the total cost of the order placed and you can then proceed to PayPal and confirm payment.

You can also compile and pay a fly order through PayPal or credit card by sending to us your own list of flies and email the list to us as long as it meets the minimum value mentioned above.

Secure Card Payments:

The shopping cart is set to automatically checkout using this method and all successful transactions are charged in real time.

For orders placed and checked out by the default "Secure card payment" option, there is no minimum order.

Bank Wire Transfer:

For large trade or bulk orders, we prefer bank wire so please contact us for the relevant banking details.


 Any and all orders will immediately commence production once payment is confirmed


Please note:

Have a mobile phone at hand prior to ordering just in case you are required to confirm a transaction by entering a code sent to your phone to verify.

Some credit card companies will block your card if making unusual or large payments to help protect you against fraud. Always let the card issuer know beforehand if you plan to do a large transaction at a given time or duration.

Your Credit/Debit Card information is completely safe as we neither store nor have access to your Credit/Debit Card Information. You will be re-directed to our merchant processing account's website who will then send us confirmation of your payment.

Please be patient as you are connected to our merchant to process your online payment.

As soon as we receive payment notification, we'll e-mail you to confirm receiving not only your order but also payment. You should also receive an immediate e-mail from our merchant with your payment receipt which you should always keep until you receive your order.

If you need assistance, clarification or question before making payment, please contact us


Failed Payments:

In some rare cases, you may order but fail to checkout at the first attempt. Our shopping cart automatically saves your ordering details but not your payment details which are handled independently by our merchant.

If you encounter such a problem and would like to re-order the same order, please let us know to confirm your order has not been deleted and you will be directed on how to proceed.

Please also ensure the billing address matches the credit card information. You have the option to use a different shipping address if the two are different.

Below are some of the error codes to help you better understand failed payments provided by our merchant.

MB CODE - Description

02 - Invalid Merchant Number

04 - Authorisation Declined

06 - CVV is mandatory, but not set or invalid

07 - Approved authorisation, honour with identification

08 - Delayed Processing

09 - Invalid Transaction

11 - Invalid Amount/Available Limit Exceeded/Amount too high

12 - Invalid credit card or bank account

13 - Invalid Card Issuer

14 - Annulation by client

15 - Duplicate transaction

17 - Reversal not processed, matching authorisation not found

18 - File Transfer not available/unsuccessful

19 - Reference number error

21 - File Transfer failed

23 - Unknown Acquirer

26 - Security code expired

27 - Requested function not available

29 - Stolen card, Pick up

30 - Duplicate Authorisation

32 - Invalid Security Code

33 - Unknown or Invalid Card/Bank account

34 - Illegal Transaction

35 - Transaction Not Permitted

36 - Card blocked in local blacklist

37 - Restricted card/bank account

38 - Security Rules Violation

39 - The transaction amount of the referencing transaction is higher than the transaction amount of

the original transaction

40 - Transaction frequency limit exceeded, override is possible

41 - Incorrect usage count in the Authorisation System exceeded

42 - Card blocked

43 - Rejected by Credit Card Issuer

44 - Card Issuing Bank or Network is not available

45 - The card type is not processed by the authorisation centre / Authorisation System has determined

47 - Processing temporarily not possible

48 - Security Breach

49 - Date / time not plausible, trace-no. not increasing

50 - Error in PAC encryption detected

51 - System Error

52 - MB Denied - potential fraud

53 - Mobile verification failed

54 - Failed due to internal security restrictions

55 - Communication or verification problem

56 - 3D verification failed

57 - AVS check failed

58 - Invalid bank code

59 - Invalid account code

60 - Card not authorised

61 - No credit worthiness

62 - Communication error

63 - Transaction not allowed for cardholder

64 - Invalid Data in Request

65 - Blocked bank code

66 - CVV2/CVC2 Failure

99 - General error